Agile & Biopharma

Eliassen Group helps Biopharma companies solve major challenges, speeding up the delivery of medicines and therapies that hold life-changing impacts for patients. We also bring together multi-disciplinary experts to unlock the operational excellence needed to bring new, innovative products to market faster.

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How We Deliver Excellence

We support clients as they leverage Lean, Agile, cloud, data and analytics to drive continuous improvement in the delivery of value for patients and health care providers.
Clinical Trial Excellence

Clinical Trial Excellence:

Whether it is trial design, operations, regulation, or manufacturing, we help clients find a way to shorten clinical trials. 

Launch Excellence

Launch Excellence:

By connecting strategy to execution and maintaining radical transparency of progress and cross-functional teams, we help clients keep all the disparate pieces working together in sync.

Lean R&D

Lean R&D:

By systematically removing the barriers between researchers and their work, clients can overcome the physical, emotional, observational, and thinking barriers that slow progress.

Next-Generation Engagement

Next-Generation Engagement:

With the right tools, healthcare field teams can easily and effectively engage directly in the office and digitally over social media.

Cloud, Data & Analytics

Cloud, Data & Analytics:

By leveraging cloud and other modern technologies, clients can focus more on delivering medicines to market and less on the toil of IT operations.



With Continuous Compliance techniques, clients can deliver value to stakeholders, customers, and users while always remaining compliant with regulators and auditors.

Computer Systems Validation and Computer Software Assurance

Computer Systems Validation and Computer Software Assurance:

By using Continuous Compliance and Automation, clients can finally dispose of the long-outdated versions of software and implement new solutions with confidence.

Remediation Delivery / Project Rescue

Remediation Delivery / Project Rescue:

By using project rescue techniques, the client will avoid 483s and other warning letters to get back up and running in compliance -- and fast.

Agile Expertise

Eliassen Group has over a decade of experience implementing Operational Excellence across large, global, complex organizations. Our goal for our partners is to help companies deliver value faster, improve quality, and improve flexibility to quickly change direction.

Agile Consulting

Here's how we deliver:

  • Lean & Agile
  • Cloud
  • Risk Management
  • Business Optimization
  • Talent Acquisition

Life Sciences Expertise

EG Life Sciences, a company of Eliassen Group, also delivers strategic and innovative consulting solutions to the medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and diagnostic industries.

EG Life Sciences

These services include the following:

  • Research and Development
  • Quality, Regulatory and Compliance
  • Clinical Operations
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • Corporate and Commercial Operations
  • Biometrics

Working With You

The best thought leadership involves working with our peers and other experts to find out what our clients need and how we can help. We accomplish this through our Lean Coffee discussions.

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A Powerful Blend of Technology and Business

Eliassen Group's Professional Services team members know that the best results come from when Business and Technology teams work together, side by side. With our expertise and collaborative approach, we can help you move to the cloud, optimize finance or operational processes, modernize technologies, or accelerate time-to-market.

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