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Agile Transformation to Improve Scalability of Customer Lifecycle Management Platforms

Client: Advertising Company
The client is a growing start-up advertising company that offers a unique customer lifecycle engagement platform. The engineering department struggles with scaling issues as they develop and expand the tools that allow their clients to engage with their customers across devices, channels, and platforms.

The Challenge:

As the client began to expand its offering of lifecycle management tools, the engineering department started to strain against the lack of consistent internal organization. Without a common language, the teams struggled with transparency of other projects in process, leading to excessive late-cycle requirement changes. The client found its team members engaged in time-consuming management coaching and a surplus of unnecessary simultaneous projects. Unable to gain insight into the prioritization, timeliness, or expectations of its teams, the client realized that these organizational shortcomings were negatively affecting their business, and that it was necessary to address how they managed their software projects.

The Solution:

The client entrusted Eliassen Group with providing its initial Agile advisory, training, and team coaching services, due to our lengthy track record of success working with a wide range of clients. Eliassen began engagement with the delivery of a bespoke Agile assessment focused on understanding the client’s specific goals in the utilization of Agile practices. This allowed us to provide customized input on the client’s roadmap to an Agile structure.

Eliassen Group then delivered Agile Whole Team Training to establish a broad baseline of knowledge on the pilot teams. From there, the client engaged a Team Agile Coach to work with the pilot teams on a day-to-day basis to reinforce the new behaviors required to make Agile work and to answer questions in real-time on Agile Practices.

The Result:

Following the success of the phase one involvement, the client evolved from strictly engaging Eliassen Group’s Agile Practice with their engineering department to expanding the reach of our services to the marketing and other internal teams. The client has reported a consistent project management methodology across these teams which has greatly improved transparency and communication. They have also streamlined the number of current works-in-progress in order to increase efficiency and success rates. Eliassen continues to engage with the client from a coaching perspective.

Highlighted Results

  • Increased transparency across intra-organizational projects and teams
  • Consistency of project management methodology across departments
  • Improved communication and understanding of company-wide work statuses
  • Reduced & streamlined works-in-progress
  • Decreased time to market

Tools Used

  • Jira

Thinking Forward

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