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Talent Solutions to Create a Dynamic SRC Integration Framework

Client: Clinical Research Institute
The client is currently the world’s largest academic clinical research organization. Operations span multiple disciplines, including pediatrics, geriatrics, primary care, subspecialty medicine, genomics, and proteomics. The client’s mission is to develop and share knowledge that improves the care of patients around the world through innovative clinical research. The client conducts a wide range of clinical research trials from small pilot programs to global mega trials.

The Challenge:

The client did not have an architecture diagram in place for the clinical trials that were being entered into their database. Every clinical trial from eCos, an IBM Clinical Trial system, needed to be manually programmed from scratch every time, and there were hundreds of clinical trials running simultaneously. It took a minimum of 4 days to program one trial. If the trial needed any changes while in production, the integration process failed, and it required redevelopment and QA. Lacking the subject matter experts required to create a more efficient solution, the client needed to outsource.

The Solution:

Once Eliassen Group was entrusted with the initiative, we deployed consultants experienced in creating integration frameworks. Our consultants designed, developed, and implemented a Dynamic SRC integration framework that programs the clinical trials with a generic code to save time and eliminate reprogramming and failures.

The Result:

The new framework automatically programs each trial in 1.5 days, a 62% increase in efficiency from the 4 days it took previously. The errors went from an average of 3 to 0, improving quality by 100%. Lastly, by optimizing the database, the run time to pull 5,000 records went from 20 minutes to 20 seconds, improving the database efficiency by 600%.

Highlighted Results

  • New framework resulted in a 62% increase in efficiency
  • Error frequency eliminated, improving quality by 100%
  • Database efficiency increased by 600%

Tools Used

  • IBM eClinicalOS (eCOS)
  • Oracle
  • PL/SQL
  • Informatica and Oracle External Directories

Thinking Forward

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