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Proper execution and ongoing upkeep of your cloud migration is a mission-critical endeavor for technologically modern enterprises. Take an informed approach, avoid costly mistakes, and reap the benefits of efficient, effective cloud deployments by engaging with our cloud service guidance, readiness, migration, and modernization.

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Advisory Services

We offer advisory services to companies of all sizes as they adopt, migrate to, and modernize cloud platforms. Engaging with cloud experts can enable you to pursue the most seamless, successful, and cost-effective experience possible. We offer cloud maturity and readiness assessments, transformation and cloud strategy mapping, cloud provider selection support, and more. we are ready to help you design the most efficient, reliable, and secure path to the cloud.

Cloud Consulting & Training

We offer consulting, training, and optimization services to help you adopt, manage, and migrate to cloud-based platforms effectively and efficiently.


Cloud Consulting Services

We have a proven history of success guiding our clients through all aspects of cloud architecture design and construction, including front-end and back-end platforms, workload migration best practices and processes, cloud-based delivery, and network management. As you integrate your applications and environments on a cloud-based platform, data becomes easier to access, and the entire system becomes more manageable and efficient. Engaging with us can help you integrate faster and manage the necessary shift, or, develop how employees use the cloud in conjunction with how it is built.

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Optimization Services

The choice to migrate from on-premises to cloud-based software services is always rooted in a desire to optimize processes, scalability, and costs. Eliassen Group offers custom cloud adoption services to help you optimize your migration and avoid overspending on inefficient legacy systems. Our TCO analysis, proof of concept, readiness assessments, and scaling solutions allow us to gauge the financial viability of your cloud migration and create a plan that accommodates your expected ROIs. We’ll recommend cloud hosting providers specifically for your environment, design a plan that accounts for your unique budget and expected outcomes, and leverage our team of experts accustomed to large-scale cloud adoption.

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Training services are an integral first step in your cloud journey. As DevOps and cloud computing are inextricably linked forces, training your teams first on the necessary technological and philosophical shifts required is tantamount to effective, efficient cloud solutions. In order to adopt cloud, DevOps, and the associated Technical Practices successfully, teams can benefit from Eliassen Group’s dedicated training sessions and expert consultants. Developing appropriate mindsets and specific Technical Practices will ultimately be a barrier if not executed with knowledge and precision, as recovery from poorly executed cloud migrations is often more complicated than migrating from scratch.

How do you manage enterprise-wide cloud migration initiatives?

Eliassen Group has supported F500 and industry-leading companies through massively scaled cloud migrations. Linking the applications owned by disparate development teams via an established cloud service platform allows you to minimize inefficiencies, maintain a common framework, decrease migration time, and reduce costs.

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Team Support

We offer team support and talent solutions to guide and deliver cloud migrations, build public and private cloud infrastructure, and support cloud services. Our talent pool is a repository of subject matter experts with full stack developer capabilities and expertise in cloud-based and cloud-native development, Microservices, DevOps engineering, and more. From building entire teams to filling critical individual roles to offering complete cloud service delivery, we can manage your needs and deliver efficient, effective solutions.

Cloud Platforms and Relationships

Our knowledge of cloud platforms and relationships with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and others expand our reach so we can better help you with readiness, migration, and modernization. Once you build your foundation with us — and those we collaborate with — you can grow as far as the cloud can take you.

End-to-End Cloud Services

Our comprehensive cloud services extend across multiple areas, including Enterprise Architecture, Integration, Application Development, Data Analytics, DevOps, managed services, and more.

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Managed Services

From thought leaders and individual professionals to full project teams, we provide customized and scalable solutions to address evolving client needs.

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