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Our trusted software engineering services team can support you through all parts of the software development life cycle, and we deliver in highly-scaled and complex technical environments. We will build a team of world-class software professionals to integrate into your organization, or we can support and enhance your existing team.

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A History of Building Great Products

Eliassen Group acquired Rooster Park in 2021 to enhance their software engineering services. For over a decade, Rooster Park provided these services for top-tier companies in a range of industries – media and entertainment, finance, medicine, sports, and more. We build and enhance teams that design and deliver the products your customers need, at a scale that will last. Our software engineers, program managers, QA engineers, DevOps engineers, and other professionals integrate into your environment seamlessly.

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The Rooster Park Story

Founded in 2008 in the Seattle area, Rooster Park combined high-quality, in-demand software skills with people-ready attitudes and an emotional investment in building great things for those who care about the results.

Their small, cohesive teams – many of whom work together on a regular basis – work side by side with existing engineering teams. When they hire, they ensure that their people have the flexibility and ingenuity to collaborate well with your engineering talent, which creates spectacular results. That's why they are such a great fit with Eliassen Group.

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Our Spectrum of Services

We can meet your product and engineering needs in a variety of ways.


Integrated Teams

Integrated Teams is our unique offering:
It combines the flexibility and expertise that comes with consulting services with the ownership and comfort that comes with your in-house efforts. We build a fully-functional software engineering team that sits inside your organization, bringing top-tier skills and collaborative attitudes into your existing processes.


Enhancing Efforts

Do you have a fully-functional engineering effort that needs extra support to get over the finish line, or are you missing some individual skills to get a project off the ground? We can provide senior, hard-to-find engineering professionals to get you there.


Turnkey Engineering

Looking for a turnkey solution for developing your custom software or application start-to-finish? You can count on us. Through comprehensive services spanning the full software development life cycle, our team of experienced solution architects, analysts, software developers, and project managers can bring your vision to life both efficiently and cost-effectively. We’ll develop Agile, high-quality, and high-performance applications that meet your requirements, while providing innovation and flexibility.

Areas of Expertise

We’ve specialized in a number of disciplines.

Web Application Development

We build complex, web-based workflow applications – both consumer- and enterprise-facing. Our teams design and execute on challenging projects, including responsive and single-page web clients, complex business logic, and scalable backend and database systems.

Platform Development

The best technology companies in the world trust us to support their platform development initiatives. Our engineers have years of experience in developing massive-scale personalization systems, data transformation infrastructure, payment and billing systems, and more.

Mobile Engineering

Modern mobile engineering requires a range of expertise and understanding – not just languages and frameworks like Swift, Kotlin, and React Native – but how to connect to the right service infrastructure and deploy efficiently. Our teams build some of the most business-critical apps in the world in financial services, medicine, travel, and several other industries.

Cloud Engineering & DevOps

If your team needs expertise around migrating, scaling, or improving your current technical practices and deployments to public and hybrid cloud systems, we’re your people. We’ve helped massive media companies scale out their cloud environments.

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Agile Development

We understand Agile best practices at all levels, and we will work to connect them to what’s already working effectively in your organization’s development life cycles – iteratively improving the processes of reliable delivery.

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Advisory Services in Action

Serving Personalized Data to Sports Fans

When the world's largest sports and entertainment company reached out for help serving relevant data to some of the most voracious fans, we provided a system that handled both explicit and implicit personalization at massive scale.

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Advisory Services in Action

Opening Up New Real Estate Markets With Data Integrations

We helped a national real estate technology company open up new markets by developing and improving upon data ingestion processes in time to meet new market opportunities.

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Advisory Services in Action

Delighting Food & Wine Lovers With an Updated E-Commerce Experience

An online-only food-and-wine retailer asked us to rebuild their customer-and-staff-facing systems without causing unnecessary pain for their passionate customer base.

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Advisory Services in Action

Rebuilding the Core Infrastructure of a Mobile Gaming App

A worldwide gaming company asked us to rearchitect their core mobile experience and integrate it with the existing game software and social features to improve reliability and performance.

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